Transform your health and well-being

Eat flourish live advanced nutrition programmes are a personalised, step by step approach to helping you transform your health and well-being with the very best advice in nutrition and lifestyle choices and professional products.

Find out what works best for you (and what doesn’t) so you can become healthier, happier and have a better life with lasting health for you and your family.

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Your body can recover and heal once it's given the best nourishment, environment and time...

  • from short introductory sessions to 6 month comprehensive programmes depending on your exact needs.

  • online and flexible so your programme fits in with your life and where you live in the world 

  • nutrition health coaching, supporting you all the way

  • easy and clear steps to follow, over time, so they blend into your life and give you the best chance of making and keeping the changes for the long term.

  • sustainable changes that give you lasting results so you can transform your health and well-being

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The benefits...

Changing your present and future health with food and lifestyle is not only possible but extremely powerful so you can transform:
  • your health and recovery

  • your symptoms

  • energy

  • strength and stamina

  • your weight, (lose weight or gain weight)…

…which means gaining a better life for you and your family so you enjoy:
  • better performance, physically and in your job and pastimes

  • be able to think more clearly, be more productive, be more relaxed

  • have the energy to do more of the things you love, make a contribution, to family, friends, the world…

  • being the best version of you; healthier, fitter, stronger, more vital and happy.

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What our clients say...

“I can’t believe how much better I feel. I can really say that you have changed my life”.


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Complicated science, simple strategies...


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