One-to-one weight loss and wellness programmes

Who might benefit?

Those who would like more comprehensive support. I have found that clients experience the greatest improvements in their weight loss goals and achieving health when we work together as a partnership on an ongoing basis.

These programme is also suited to those who are experiencing debilitating symptoms or have a chronic health condition. This programme is made up of a series of consultations designed to really get to WHY you have your symptoms, with the use of testing recommendations to really find out the root cause and allow the design of a completely personalised programme based on your individual needs, challenges, requirements and goals. 

This programme includes:

A comprehensive health history questionnaire and 3-day diet diary (to be completed prior to your first INTRO appointment).

  • 60 minute assessment of your comprehensive health history questionnaire and 3-day diet diary prior to your consultation

Multiple 60-minute one to one appointments:

  • discussion of your health history, you can ask specific questions

  • recommendation of appropriate testing (biochemical, functional and/or genetic – prices of tests vary and are not included in the price of this programme) to identify areas of weakness and help inform where you are in your health

  • review of recommended test results

  • a personalised nutritional and lifestyle action plan based upon your unique health picture; test results, health history and symptoms. This will include recommendations for diet and supplements, hydration, stress reduction, sleep, exercise/movement and reducing toxin, EMF and chemical exposure.

  • suggestions and strategies for implementing nutritional and lifestyle plan

  • discussion of progress and setting weight loss and wellness goals.

Multiple 20-minute support calls:

  • answer any questions regarding testing and testing proceedures

  • answer any questions regarding nutritional action plan, lifestyle, weight loss and wellness goals

  • support, motivation and encouragement of achieving weight loss and wellness goals

  • support in maintaining goals once they have been achieved.

Book a free 15 minute no obligation call

During this call you can ask me questions and I can explain to you how I work. No advice will be given at this stage. If we make a good fit, we can then arrange a 60 minute one to one initial consultation which acts like a fact finding mission to access what needs to be done to really get to the 'root' cause of your health concerns. Whether you would like to focus on your weight loss or to address other specific health concerns this consultation will act as the springboard to get you started.

What to expect 

I take your health story

I spend time with you, I listen to you, I take a detailed look at your health history where we talk through your health questionnaire. I take into account any medications (and can support you alongside your GP). I really find out what is going on with you.

I recommend laboratory testing appropriate for you

Laboratory tests (biochemical, functional and genetic) that measure specific biomarkers for health risk and nutritional status. They are designed to evaluate where we are with your health. The actual tests will be based on your unique health story. This will help inform your health picture and is your health baseline. We track your progress from here.


Together we will discuss your needs and explore in depth all the aspects that affect your weight.

I understand what’s happened...

I identify nutritional imbalances and weaknesses, food intolerances and address lifestyle factors. I evaluate and analyse your test results and your current diet.

By looking at all the aspects I can identify the ‘root’ cause of your health and weight and also address any health problems along the way. This is important for maintaining weight loss and subsequently health in the long term. 

Action Plan

Personalised and
tailored to YOU

I put together your Nutritional Action Plan

Once I have gathered all your health information I will design you a manageable programme. It will be based on your unique circumstance and needs to achieve your specific goals.

We talk it through and decide the best programme together that fits into your life and circumstances. 

We track progress...

Through a series of consultations we discuss how you are getting on and talk through each stage of your programme. We will discuss in detail what’s been happening to you and address things as they come up. This programme is designed to motivate and support you and to keep track of your progress. In order to change things it is really important to really understand why you need to change things and then have the support to see those changes through. 


It’s a real opportunity for you to tell me your progress or obstacles which we can then work through. You have my support all the way to achieve your ultimate goal!


Research shows that achieving long term weight loss requires more then just changing your diet (as you may have found), success is achieved with a combination of diet, lifestyle and behaviour therefore regular support from me will encourage you to continue and reach your goal without giving up.

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