Per private consultation - 1 hour €75

Time preparing your nutritional plan: 75€ per hour

To fully implement your nutritional plan, so to give you the best chance of resolving your health issues, generally spans a number of consultations. The time frame and how many consultations you will need and the time I need to spend on your case, will depend on your particular case but usually it is around 3 consultations with around 3 hours of my time outside the consultations.


As part of your plan I may recommend a supplement programme to aid your bodies healing capacity and correct imbalances. Supplements can really help to aid the process so your body can start to heal quicker. I partner with trusted suppliers and distributors who provide high quality supplements to support my plans (full details on how to purchase will be given as part of your plan).

If I feel it's required I will suggest specific testing. Private testing is more comprehensive than the tests performed by your GP and gives me a lot of information. It acts as a detailed snapshot into your health status right now. I always aim to work alongside your GP or any other practitioner involved in your health care. 


I offer a free 15 minute call so you can ask me any questions or find out if I can help your specific case before you decide to undertake a plan.

My fees are for my time outside and during our consultations. Private Testing and health supplements are additional and not included in the consultation fee. Payments to be made by BACS transfer.

Consultations can be held in person at my clinic, via zoom or skype or phone call. 


Contact me for a FREE 15 minute call

Six-Week Group Diabetes Programme

Gain knowledge and practical advice to help YOU:​

  • gain control of your blood glucose

  • maintain blood glucose for the long term

  • change dietary habits and understand why

  • lose weight

6 x 1.5 hour sessions (over 6 weeks)  




Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing, eg. from blood, saliva or urine samples, can give me a lot of information regarding nutrient levels, how you metabolise various nutrients, hormone and stress hormone imbalances, blood lipid profiles, inflammatory markers, fatty acid ratios, insulin and glucose control. I don't diagnose any conditions but I can look at your test results to identify areas of weakness and help inform your health picture. Nutritional therapy is complimentary, which allows me to support you with any recommendations given by your GP.

Functional testing

Functional testing looks at the functioning capability of your body. For example a stool test could indicate digestive function: digestion, absorption, bacterial balance, yeast, and parasites and can help identify underlying causes to digestive symptoms, your weight gain, mood and other symptoms. Functional biochemical tests can indicate enzyme function which can be used to ascertain specific needs allowing me to really tailor your programme.

Genetic testing

Our genetics contribute to our differences. Eye and hair colour are genetic differences that we can see. But there are also differences that aren't so obvious to us such as how we metabolise nutrients and how we deal with toxins. Our genes interact with our environment in our own unique way. How our genes are expressed and how they function can be modified by diet and lifestyle. Genetic testing can indicate your increased needs for certain nutrients, areas of biochemical weaknesses as well as food intolerances and sensitivities.


As a genetic nutritionist I am trained in interpreting and evaluating DNA test data. I look at relevant genes that have been shown in scientific studies to be modifiable via nutrition and lifestyle. For example a confirmed MTHFR mutation and/or a blood test confirming high homocysteine levels may indicate vitamin deficiencies in folate, choline, or vitamins B12, B6, or riboflavin.

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