Six-Week Group Diabetes Programme

Find out how simple dietary, supplement and lifestyle changes can make the world of difference to your current and future health.


If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome. or want to prevent getting a diabetes diagnosis then join the Six-Week Group Diabetes Programme. Gain knowledge and practical advice to help YOU:

  • gain control of your blood glucose

  • maintain blood glucose for the long term

  • change dietary habits and understand why

  • lose weight

This Six-Week Group Diabetes Programme is an educational programme, made of up of 6 informal and enjoyable 1.5 hour meetings hosted by qualified nutritional therapist Teresa Henry and held online via zoom meeting. The programme also includes educational tips and strategies that reflect the latest science-based diet and lifestyle recommendations using nutritional therapy to help you self manage your Diabetes.


  • Learn the fundamentals, what you need to know about insulin and other key hormones.

  • Quick tips and techniques to gain control of your blood glucose and if you need to lose weight, kick start weight loss.


  • Learn what lifestyle factors can thwart your efforts and how to overcome with simple techniques.

  • Understand how to use fasting to gain control and really speed up weight loss. 

  • Learn key foods, nutrients and
    strategies for managing stress.


  • Foods and particularly sugar really can be addictive. Learn how to recognise this. 

  • Beat the cravings and overcome common pitfalls that can
    sabotage your health goals. 

  • Tips for eating out.


  • Learn how sleep and movement can really benefit your hormones and blood sugar. 

  • Tackle sleep issues and learn the important foods to aid sleep and regeneration. 

  • Get moving and get sleeping well!


  • Understand what to eat and what not to eat and how they effect your body biochemistry.

  • Learn key foods and nutrients so you can understand how to maintain glucose levels, weight and health for the long term. 


  • Learn what supplements are
    essential for Diabetics.

  • Putting it all together so you
    can create your own personal action plan. 

  • Understand what you need to do to help control your blood glucose and maintain for the
    long term.

This Six-Week Group Diabetes Programme is designed to teach you how to develop your own personal programme that will help you manage your Diabetes using nutritional therapy. We work together for six-weeks enabling YOU to regain control of YOUR health.


How do you join? Fill out the form below and I will let you know the dates and venue for the next programme.

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