Functional testing

Functional complete blood test

Functional testing looks at how your body is working, is it working at it’s best? Or are there some areas that really could do with some help? Looking at your blood is by far the best way of getting a clear picture of what’s going on. Our magnifying glass to your health puzzle. 

The complete blood test we use screens a wide range of biomarkers that indicate blood sugar regulation, insulin and glucose control, blood lipid profiles, cardiovascular risk, anaemias, sex hormone function, gut function, bacterial infection, immune function, liver and kidney issues, thyroid and adrenal function as well as vitamin and nutrient needs.

From this we can gather what areas need to be addressed first and get the quickest results for your recovery.

The complete blood test report covers:

Functional Body Systems
Accessory Systems
Macronutrient Status
Nutrient Deficiencies
Health Improvement

Symptoms alone do not tell the whole story but functional testing can.

Download complete blood test sample report


DNA genetic test

Our genetics contribute to our differences. Eye and hair colour are genetic differences that we can see. But there are also differences that aren't so obvious to us such as how we metabolise nutrients and how we deal with toxins. Our genes interact with our environment in our own unique way. Foods and lifestyle are powerful tools in changing how are genes function which impacts, good or bad, the future of our health. The DNA genetic test can give you an insight into your needs for certain nutrients, areas of biochemical weaknesses as well as food intolerances and sensitivities. 

The dna genetic test diet report covers:

Optimal Diet Type
Carbohydrate & Saturated Fat
Detoxification Ability
Anti-Oxidant Requirements
Personal Vitamin & Micronutrient Needs
Salt, Alcohol & Caffeine
Lactose Intolerance
Coeliac Predisposition  

Download DNA genetic test diet sample report



The dna genetic test fitness report covers:

Endurance / Power profile
Aerobic potential (VO2 Max)
Post-Exercise Recovery
Recovery Nutrition
Injury risk    
Download DNA genetic test fitness sample report
Food intolerance test

We use a high quality food intolerance test which uses new technology that measures the most common food-related pathways in the body. 

The food intolerance test can help decide what should be excluded and included into your diet and when by looking at reactions to foods in the blood. Taking certain foods that cause a reaction out of your diet can lead to huge improvements in how your body works including gut function and digestion, sleep, energy, brain function and weight loss.

Download food intolerance test sample report


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