Comprehensive programmes

My clients experience the greatest improvements in their programme goals, and achieving good health, when we work together as a partnership on an ongoing basis. 

These programmes are suited to those of you who are experiencing debilitating symptoms or have a chronic health condition, in addition to those of diabetes or menopause, and would like support in reaching your health goals.

From the initial consultation:

I create a detailed and tailored nutritional plan to get you back to health, this includes:

  • diet changes, supplemental support, lifestyle changes

  • any recommended testing, analysis and action plan.


Your programme will consist of:

  • a consultation to start the programme.

  • in person, phone or video follow up consultations, usually every 2 weeks.

  • evolving the plan as you progress, I work closely with you to achieve your aims at every step.

  • Ongoing email and phone support throughout your programme.

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